Mr. Mauricio Valbuena

Meet Mauricio Valbuena, a Colombian professional who blends the art of communication with the science of marketing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications with emphasis on Corporate Communications and a Master’s degree in Commercial Management and Marketing,  Mr. Mauricio is equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to captivate audiences and drive business growth.

His expertise extends to the forefront of modern business with a focus on Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence. As a savvy strategist, Mr. Mauricio stays ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technologies and trends to deliver impactful results in today’s digital landscape.

Where has Mr. Mauricio Valbuena worked?

Mr. Mauricio Valbuena possesses extensive experience in addressing the unique requirements of small, medium, and large-scale enterprises spanning various industries in countries including Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Over 10 years planning and optimizing communication, digital marketing and artificial intelligence strategies and budgets for real estate agencies, construction companies, travel agencies, hotels, hospitals, banks, cooperatives, bookstores, and human resources companies.

Skills in Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

SEO On Page, Off Page y Local (Google My Business). 90%
Content Marketing
Artificial Intelligence
Diseño y optimización de blogs, webs, ecommerce. 80%
Creación de blogs con WordPress. 90%
Diseño de ecommerce con Woocommerce. 80%
Social Media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. 95%
Email Marketing
MailChimp 85%
Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console y más. 95%
Digital Advertising
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads y Twitter Ads. 95%

Over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence, growing numerous businesses on the Internet.

Sites and eCommerce
AI Projects
Years of Experience

What do people who have worked with me say?

"He played a crucial role in our organizations as head of the Digital Marketing department and strategies, with the objective of improving our lead attraction engine, allowing for increased sales for our companies."
"(...) For PsicoAlianza (...) We managed to increase qualified leads by 7X to achieve a milestone in conversion to sales of 800% in the post-quarantine season (...) Thanks to their deep knowledge in CRO tactics, Grupo Alianza achieved a 65% growth in customer acquisition in digital channels."
"I can mention that he has a deep knowledge in digital advertising tools and Artificial Intelligence, such as the entire advertising universe of the Meta Ads platform (Facebook and Instagram) and Google Ads (Search, YouTube, Display and Shopping)."
"He demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, commitment and skills in the execution of digital projects that contributed to the development and positioning of Compensar's businesses, such as the business units: Convenios y Alianz, Crédito, Servicios Financieros, and Turismo."
"During his time as Digital Coordinator, he collaborated in an exceptional way with the agency TITA MEDIA, excelling in the planning of digital advertising campaigns based on Artificial Intelligence. His contribution was indispensable for the design of strategies that contributed to an 88% increase in traffic and a 120% increase in sales from the deployment of initiatives such as Back to School, Orange Week, Book Fair, among others".
"As a co-worker of Mr. Valbuena Carrillo I wish to highlight his exceptional professionalism, commitment and skills in the field of Digital Marketing and the development of digital projects."
"I wish to express my most sincere recognition and recommendation of Mauricio Valbuena for his outstanding performance in the Press and Communications Office of Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. He demonstrated a level of professionalism, quality, responsibility and dedication during his time at our institution. Her contribution was essential for the continuous improvement of our internal and external communication strategies".
Carlos Roberto Reyes
Press and Communications Chief Universidad del Rosario
"During Mr. Valbuena Carrillo's time as part of our team, demonstrated exceptional performance and outstanding commitment in all of his responsibilities. responsibilities. His contribution was fundamental to the success and significant progress in the optimization of the Caterpillar Online Store in the country playing a key role in the strategic relationship between IMCA Implementos y Maquinarias and Caterpillar."

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